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File extension NTH is most commonly associated with a Nokia Theme for the Series 40 platform, which is utilised by a number of Nokia mobile phones. NTH files are produced using the Nokia Theme Studio application, which can be used to create and modify themes for supported devices.

NTH files are compressed archives which contain customised themes which can be installed on compatible Nokia Series 40 phones. Popular supported phones include the Nokia 6230i, 6300 and 6125. The NTH theme file will include wallpapers, images, menu icons and ringtones, as well as an File extension XML text file which may contain additional formatting options such as text colours, and a thumbnail which is used to show a gallery preview of the theme.

NTH files can be created using the Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio program, which allows users to create custom themes which can then be distributed to others for use on compatible phones. Previews can also be viewed using Nokia Theme Studio, which will show how the theme will look on phones with different screen resolutions to enable cross-phone compatibility of themes. Alternatively, Nokia theme files may be downloaded from websites which offer either free or paid-for themes. These may be delivered in NTH format, or in standard File extension ZIP format, the latter of which must have the extension renamed to NTH before it will be compatible for use on a mobile phone.

NTH files can be opened using Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio on the Windows platform. NTH files are standard Zip files with a different file extension, so changing the extension to ZIP will allow the file to be opened and the contents extracted using most archiving and compression applications such as WinZip, WinRAR and Stuffit. Alternatively, NTH themes can be transferred to and viewed on a compatible mobile device via USB or Bluetooth.

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